Libra is a contemporary magazine or portfolio theme that features clean typography and a grid to easily display articles, images, or just blog posts.


If you set a manual excerpt for your posts, Libra will display it in a larger font on the single post view, drawing your readers’ eyes to the most important parts of your posts.

Pull Quotes

Libra allows you to set quotes off to the left of the right, emphasizing particularly interesting text. To use this feature, switch to the “Text” view and add the class pull-left or pull-right to the <blockquote> tag: <blockquote class="pull-left"></blockquote> or <blockquote class="pull-right"></blockquote>

Featured Content (requires Jetpack)

Libra can display up to three featured posts on the front page. By default, Libra will feature the first three posts with the tag “featured”, but you can easily change this by going to Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Featured Content > Tag name, and typing in the new tag.